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  3. Vashti Bunyan - Hidden

    Hidden in your every move
    Are the words that you will never say
    Stars and moons are not your style
    I’ve known for a while this is not your way

    I hear you

    I do know you very well
    And our time will tell if I read you right
    It can be so very hard
    Looking for a dark horse in the night

    I see you

    I do know you very well
    And I will until you can prove me wrong
    Maybe I’ll find you are not
    Anything like what I’ve thought all along

    Don’t think so

    One day you’ll say what you mean
    And will I be seen for a cloud of dust
    Now I’ve nothing left to say
    And I’ll find my way by your light of touch

    I’m with you

  4. Fiume verticale.

  5. So I won’t be a burden of tomorrow dear.


  7. a reportage by Martino Pinna with some of my music and some by Lomìno.  (italian language)


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  10. check this out.

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